When it comes to augmented reality, while most people might be more familiar with Pokemon Go or Snapchat, a company in Germany called INSCALE is developing augmented reality band t-shirts.

In the video below is a prototype t-shirt that they demoed at The NAMM Show 2017 featuring a shirt from the metal band SICOCIS. The shirt is viewed through a branded app that scans the graphic on the shirt, then plays audio, special effects, videos and allows you to tap the icons to go to the band’s label and social profiles.

According to Inscale, the primary use case of the app is to provide a new way for bands and labels to upsell traditional band merch with exclusive content, grow their mailing lists and sales funnels as well as a way to digitize non-digital items such as stickers, CD covers, and other merch.

(T-shirt model Credit: the fabulous @morticiamydear on Instagram)

Here is another example where the back of a T-Shirt can feature different animations, such as flapping bat wings.

I believe I can fly @themonalisacode @joh_anna07 @inscale_vrar #namm #scottlund #augmentedreality #shirt

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Just The Beginning

While the app above was from earlier this year, the newer phones have more advanced augmented reality functionality baked-in (the new ARKit for iOS and AR Core for Android) and while current applications are somewhat limited to games, I think we could soon start to see some exciting new apps being build for artists & labels.

Live concerts, big festivals (EDM shows!) & even sporting events where merch sales are critical, could especially stand to benefit from AR. Here is an example using Apple’s ARKit to identify friends in a crowded concert. Add in some exclusive content and point of sale features and you’ve got a winner.

We will continue to keep an eye on this. Lots of untapped promotional potential here.

About Inscale Interactive

INSCALE INTERACTIVE, develops virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality presentation solutions that push the boundaries of technology and engages audiences in new, exciting, immersive and meaningful ways.


SICOCIS, Las Vegas’s premier metal band, blends influences from the melodic death, epic power and dark progressive scenes to create their own unique and modern sound – a grandiose and theatrical mix of power, progressive and thrash metal with symphonic melodies, conceptual themes and dramatic hooks.The group has earned extensive regional acclaim (including being named “best local metal band” by Vegas Rocks)

To check out SICOCIS, check out their band camp page at: https://sicocis.bandcamp.com/