Recent news of Gibson’s decision to close Cakewalk, as well as it’s current financial problems have led many to believe that Cakewalk was a done deal. Well, today, Bandlab Technologies has announced that is has acquired the entire Cakewalk Inc. IP

BandLab, a rapidly growing investment group of global music technologies, which is primarily known for it’s social music platform, Bandlab, yesterday announced a press release.

According to CEO of BandLab Technologies, Meng Ru Kuok, “We are very excited to be bringing Cakewalk Inc’s products into the BandLab Technologies stable. Cakewalk has been an industry leader in professional music software, delivering cutting edge technology that has empowered producers and artists alike around the world for more than 30 years. We have immense respect for Cakewalk’s legacy and the incredible community of people who love the brand and rely on its products in both their personal and professional lives.

“The teams at both Gibson and BandLab felt that Cakewalk’s products deserved a new home where development could continue. We are pleased to be supporting Cakewalk’s passionate community of creators to ensure they have access to the best possible features and music products under the BandLab Technologies banner,” he said.

The deal includes only the transfer of Cakewalk Inc.’s assets and intellectual property. No other details of the deal have been released. More information will be shared about product roadmap and future features in due course.

Interesting times, my friends! It will be exciting to see where this all goes. For more information on the future of Cakewalk, keep an eye out here.