With the constant demand for the sought after 1980’s PRS Multi-Metal guitars, Paul Reed Smith has re-created the magic once more with their 2018 SE lineup! This time, with a modern twist (and price tag), that is sure to satisfy the working musician’s needs.

“Gracias Totales!”(Thanks A lot) declared Latin American Rock God, and Guitarist Gustavo Cerati, before he played the final chords of what would be Soda Stereo’s last show for 10 years. In his hands, his prized 1980’s PRS “Multifoil”. This guitar would later become one of the most sought after instruments in the Latin American Rock Scene, and around the world.

For those of you unfamiliar with Cerati’s name, here is a brief lesson. Soda Stereo was a popular Argentine rock band based out of Buenos Aires which got its start in 1982 with Gustavo Cerati on lead vocals, and guitars, Héctor “Zeta” Bosio (bass), and Charly Alberti (drums). Soda Stereo is considered by many to be one of the most influential and significant “rock en enspañol” bands of all time. This makes the untimely and unforeseen death of its lead singer all the more tragic. In 2010, after saying goodbye to a sold-out crowd in Venezuela, Cerati walked off stage smiling, only to unexpectedly collapse moments later and fall into a coma that would last for four years. Sadly, he passed away September 4th, 2014. However, his music, and his legacy still live on today thanks to his fans, and their obsession with his one of a kind instrument.

There have been many copy-cat reproductions and attempts to recreate the mutlifoil finish, with its hard to explain look. Some have described it as a melded rainbow of colors or textured dragon scales. Now you can finally own one yourself for a fraction of the price, and Modern Modern Musician Magazine readers want to know, is it worth the wait? Lets take a closer look at the features on the new PRS SE Multifoil.

Upon first glance, you will undoubtedly notice the crazy multi color paint job. Very similar to the the original, is a unique finish on each guitar which I (personally), think is a very important aspect to mention. This means no two PRS Multifoils ever look the same close up, ensuring you’ll have a one of a kind guitar right out of the box. The finish completely envelops the guitar from top to bottom, and is complemented by a beautiful 24 fret wide-thin, rosewood neck. The classic PRS bird inlays have also been included on the 25” scale length neck as well. I would also note the chrome hardware, which looks phenomenal when paired with the finish. The PRS designed tuners also feel really smooth, and the patented molded tremolo plays beautifully.

I would be remiss not to mention the electronics. Paul Reed Smith has included their 85/15 “S” pickups with this model. With these, you can get a ton of different tonal options with just a single volume, push/pull tone, and 3-way blade pickup. Whether you are looking for a tight rhythm bridge pickup tone, a bluesy neck tone, or even a nice strat tone, you got it. PRS has spared no expense with their new Multifoil, but how does it compare to the original 1980s version?

All in all I think this is a great guitar for the price. Being an owner of one of the originals myself, it has been a dream for me to be able to compare and contrast both models first hand. I really love how both have truly different and beautiful finishes, and I love how PRS has also implemented brighter colors to the new models. It gives them both their own character and personality. I enjoy how I am able to get very similar sounds with both the original and the SE. There has been such a large demand for these in the market, so it’s nice to see something affordable and comparable in quality, that many fans and artist alike can get their hands on. To me it really shows how much PRS is listening, and that they care about what their consumers want, without sacrificing their commitment to providing the latest in modern guitar features. I really hope this means we can expect to see even more multifoil models from them in the future!

For more info on the new PRS SE Standard 24 Multi-Foil, check out the website.