Reason users rejoice! Propellerhead Software has just released the Free Reason 10.1 Update for Reason 10, Reason 10 Intro and Reason 10 Lite. The biggest addition in this update includes a new version of the Rack Extension SDK, featuring Player devices, improved sample loading with sample zones and pattern automation support.

Included in the update is the new Free Drum Sequencer (which also runs in version 6.5 / Essentials 1.5) whis is a nice quick start utility to crank up a quick beat. Additional for sale players are also now being added to the store.

Another addition includes the ability to now ad your own samples and wavetables to the Europa Synth. This is an awesome new feature, but be prepared for a 2.7 Gig download because it has to update the Factory Soundbanks. Definitely worth the wait, however!

Propellerhead also promised that some additional VST stability updates will be coming this year and that we can also expect that all Reason updates for the next year will be free, which is great news!

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