Hey guitar players! Do you struggle with tuning problems? Then you will definitely check out today’s episode of the Modern Musician Magazine Podcast, where we talk to Dan Maggi from String Butler, an innovative guitar accessory that drastically improves the tuning of guitars with 3 x 3 headstock tuner configurations.

Dan gives us some key insight into the genesis of the idea of The String Butler, how it works, various models available and we also dig into the theory about what actually keeps a guitar in tune. The results may surprise you!

On a personal note, in my 40+ years of being both a professional guitar player, as well as a guitar salesman, I can’t say there have been too many completely innovative products that have made such an impact on me as much as the String Butler. It has completely renewed my love for my Gibson Les Paul. You will definitely want to give this episode a listen!

Show Notes

Today’s Featured Artist: Uncle Kid

Starting today, in every new episode, I am going to be featuring a clip by new artists. If you have something cool you would like me to consider featuring on the podcast, send it my way! We promote you and in return you promote us. Win / Win!

Today’s featured artist is Uncle Kid, with a clip from his upcoming debut release “Supermarket Sweep” which will be out on November 13, 2020.

According to Uncle Kid:

“It’s a trip-hop, spoken word commentary on the anxiety of living through the pandemic, and the politics vs nature climate surrounding it. Think Arab Strap meets Massive Attack. It’s the first single from my upcoming EP ‘Indistinct Chatter’.”

You can follow Uncle Kid at: Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

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